HQ: Sluisweg, 10 – Waalwijk (PE) THE NETHERLANDS

STAHL is our main partner, with which one we are in continuos collaboration in order to aim always to the best solution for our customers.

Stahl is the leading company in chemicals for leather products and performance coatings. With more than 1,800 employees at 11 manufacturing sites and 38 laboratories in 23 countries. Stahl foresees further market growth in performance coatings. Next to that, the company expects a strengthening of its position as market leader in chemicals for leather products, covering the whole leather processing chain. With its innovation power, knowledge, expertise and range of technical solutions Stahl is able to deliver best in class solutions and services to respond even better to client needs and secure a sustainable future.

All of our products are powered by STAHL and our experience in the leather finish market is the base for the future development of new performing products.


Via Germania, 29 – Padova (PD) ITALY
OMAC is our technical partner for the application of our products by automatic machine.

Initially born in 1956 in the shoe sector, OMAC has subsequently widened its Core Business towards leather goods and belts. At the moment the company produces more than 100 machine models all characterized by a high mechanical precision and high-tech.

The sector of machines for the painting of leather edge is subject to a high and constant technological development, essential to satisfy more and more demanding and different requests, as required by fashion, but at the same time achievable with effective costs and a good quality.

The opportunity to cooperate with a leading company in this sector allow us to continuosly update the chemical features to the mechanical application, in order to always give to our customers the best products that you can find on the market.