For our customers who need specific colors which do not fall in the color brochure, GIARDINI provides a creation of custom color service for leather edge paint. The service involves the construction of a custom color based on a customer’s color reference, be it a piece of leather or a PANTONE reference.

How to Request Custom Color
This service can be requested directly by email to [email protected]. The request must include the type of leather edge paint (MAXMATT DENSE or MAXMATT SEMI-DENSE or MAXEDGE Pro) you would prefer the custom color to be created and the numbers of colors you need. Then you should send a physical reference (usually a piece of the leather to which the wish to associate the color) to our laboratory in the Tuscany branch at the following address:

GIARDINI Tuscany Branch
Via the Catano, 272 / E
51015 Monsummano Terme (PT)

How does the Custom Color Service Work
Upon receipt the references they will be submitted to our technicians to analyze the feasibility of implementation. In case the realization is feasible (99% of cases) will be immediately issued a proforma invoice and sent to the customer, including the estimated time day of delivery (generally the time required for the realization of a customized color are of 1-2 days for each required color). The sampling operation will start immediately after receiving the payment of the invoice.

How Much does the Custom Color Service Cost
The cost for custom colors service has an additional fee of € 25 for each color that will be applied only the first time you ask for a new color. On the delivered bottle you will find your personal color-code that will remain exclusive to guests for any future order. For future orders of the paint, the price will be the standard list price.