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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: (OPTIONAL) Proceed to color the leather edge using the white color, you can choose among any colored edge paint, but we recommend to use the Dense Edge Paint to have a good consistency.

Step 2: Once you finish the coloring phase let it dry completely, then you can lightly sand the leather edge using a brush or sandpaper with a very fine grain or a scotch-brite cloth. This operation purpose is to create a perfect smooth surface before the next application.

Step 3: Proceed with the Fluo Edge Paint application, you can apply it by hand or by machine. Take care to apply it uniformly on the whole leather edge surface. Once you finish the application let it dry for 30 minutes. You can repeat this step more than once if you want.

Step 4: To enhance the fluorescent effect you should proceed with one more application, using the Protecting Gloss. Once applied let it dry completely, it should takes around 45 minutes. During this phase you should pat attention to the leather edge not to be ruined touching other items or objects.

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