The MAXMATT dense represent the new technology in leather edge paint that can be used both as an intermediate product before application of the finish extra-matte or as edge paint. In case you want to end the processing with the extra-matte finish can also be used in the colorless version, although it is generally advisable to use it in the version already colored.

The product has the highest characteristics achieved to date in terms of adhesion, coverage and curvature, and already after the first two applications, the raw edge is completely covered with a very thick, and perfect adhesion.

The dense version has a higher viscosity, for applications by hand on coupled materials. Anyway, in the application process we advice to add some water in order to find the best viscosity that simplify the application of this product, making the process more quickly. You can add as much water as you prefer, but we recommend not to exceed the 20% of the total volume. Exceeding this advice limit could affect the adhesion of the leather edge paint, and for sure it will extend the dry time of the leather edge paint.

The colorless version of the MAXMATT is usually employed when you want to build a solid base for the following application of the colored leather edge paint. By this first colorless application you will be able to build a surface that is completely sandable, so that you can work on it with sandpaper in order to define the rounding of the leather edge, and remove any defect of the surface. The following application of a colored leather edge paint will appear more flat, giving the highest perceived quality to the leather edge.

You can check the colors available on our COLOR CHART. For any further information on application please ask to our technicians.

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