The Coloured Edge Paint
With this video tutorial you'll will understand the differences between various Giardini coloured edge paints and learn how to choose the one that best fits your needs.
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The Basic Edge Paint
Basic Edge Paint was the first paint developed by Giardini. It is the cheapest paint of this range with a great value for money.
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The Semi-Dense Edge Paint
Semi-Dense Edge Paint represents the first innovation with a great improvement in technical performance. It is recommended for medium-narrow width leather edges.
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The Dense Edge Paint
Dense Edge Paint is the best performing edge paint of this category, it will allow you to achieve the highest quality on your leather edge.
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Basecoat User Guide (ENG).jpg

Basecoat User Guide for Leather Edge Dyeing

How to achieve the highest quality on your leather edge

In this eBook you will find a clear guide on the new process for the leather edeg finishing, the differences between the products and how to work with them. After reading this eBook you will be able to:

  • Choose the right Basecoat for your creations;
  • Apply the new process for leather edge finishing;
  • Create a high quality leather edge.
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