The semi-dense edge paint represent the new technology in leather edge paint that can be used both as an intermediate product before application of the finish extra-matte or as edge paint. In case you want to end the processing with the extra-matte finish can also be used in the colorless version, although it is generally advisable to use it in the version already colored.

The product has the highest characteristics achieved to date in terms of adhesion, coverage and curvature, and already after the first two applications, the raw edge is completely covered with a very thick, and perfect adhesion.

The semi-dense edge paint version has a lower viscosity, for applications by hand or by machine on coupled materials. Anyway, in the application process we advice to add some water in order to find the best viscosity that simplify the application of this product, making the process more quickly. You can add as much water as you prefer, but we recommend not to exceed the 10% of the total volume. Exceeding this advice limit could affect the adhesion of the leather edge paint, and for sure it will extend the dry time of the leather edge paint.

The colorless version of the semi-dense edge paint is usually employed when you want to build a solid base for the following application of the colored leather edge paint. By this first colorless application you will be able to build a surface that is completely sandable, so that you can work on it with sandpaper in order to define the rounding of the leather edge, and remove any defect of the surface. The following application of a colored leather edge paint will appear more flat, giving the highest perceived quality to the leather edge.

You can check the colors available on our COLOR CHART. For any further information on application please ask to our technicians.

available on our web shop.
  • Perry on April 11, 2015

    Hello, I received my trial pack and I think the edge paint is great. I have a couple of questions I want to ask. Firstly, why is this Semi dense paint regarded as the best? I was planning to buy the Dense paint but now I am not sure which one to go for. I also want to know how to order the colours I want from the colour chart you supplied in the trial pack. The web shop at present doesn’t have the colours I want. Finally can you advice me if this edge paint can be used with a heat burnishing tool ( Regad heat tool) ? Thank You.

    • admin on April 13, 2015

      Hello Perry,

      – The Semi-Dense is regarded as best but we mean for the hand application. Anyway it usually depends from your way of application, that’s why we release as free sample both (Dense and Semi-Dense) so that you can test what is the best for you.
      – At the moment on our website are available only the standard color for purchase. If you are interested in purchase the other colors you can place your PO directly via email. We will provide to send you the pro-forma invoice and the PayPal payment request. As soon as we will receive the payment your colors will be shipped.
      – Usually our customers didn’t find any kind of problem using our edge paint in combination with heat burnishing tool. Just take care that the paint will be completely dried before.

      Kind Regards,

  • Perry on April 13, 2015

    Hello Enrico, thanks for the reply. I was wondering if the paint has an expiration date or not? Thank you.

  • admin on April 14, 2015

    Hello Perry,

    If well conserved the edge paint should be ok for at least two years. As the edge paint are totally solvent free, when you use it take care not to put back in the bottle the small quantity you use during the application. That’s why we suggest to drop a few edge paint on a clean jar, and pickup the paint to apply from the jar and not directly from the bottle. This to avoid any kind of contamination of the original content.
    Bacterical contamination of the paint may waste the entire content of the bottle (this may be caused by dirty or water added into the original bottle). To see an example of the correct process of application please watch our video tutorial on our YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0G43DJh8L12mBg1SQOlEA

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