Topcoat Category
With this video tutorial you'll will know when to use the topcoat and when you can decide to use them.
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The Protecting Gloss
Learn more about the new solution to get a glossy finish on your leather edge, and how you can use it on top of fashion edge paint.
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The Extra-Matte Topcoat
In this tutorial you will find out more about a unique finish for leather edge, that will allow you to give a more matte and rubbery effect.
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Basecoat User Guide (ENG).jpg

Basecoat User Guide for Leather Edge Dyeing

How to achieve the highest quality on your leather edge

In this eBook you will find a clear guide on the new process for the leather edge finishing, the differences between the products and how to work with them. After reading this eBook you will be able to:

  • Choose the right Basecoat for your creations;
  • Apply the new process for leather edge finishing;
  • Create a high quality leather edge.
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