Which are the colors available for leather edge paint?

We have several option for choosing your colors. If you are looking for a classic finish you can choose your favourite shade between our Standard & Mixed Colors, but if you don't find anything fitting your needs you can request our Custom Color Service. Then for the most fashionable creation we a range of Fashion Colors and finally, we periodically release Special & Trend colors, to complete the range of choice.

Standard & Mixed Colors

18 + 100 Shades

The standard colors range is composed by 18 colors of a complete chromatic scale. All of this colors are mixable one each other, and from these colors we created the Mixed Color Range composed by 100 shades. In this way you have the possibility to choose between a very wide range to fit your needs.


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Custom Color Service

Custom Color

We Match the Color on Your Reference

If you won't find your desired color on our color chart, we may help you matching exactly the color of your reference. Just send us a piece of reference or tell a specific pantone TPX code and we'll make your own formulation. This service has an extra fee cost of € 25 for each color that should be paied only once. Then you'll be the owner of your receipt and you can order in the future without any additional cost. Once we receive the reference we'll need almost one day for each color we have to match.


Fashion Colors

Gitter, Fluo, Metal ad Iridescent

In addition to the classic color range we pay close attention to news, trends and requests from our customers. That's why we have also created a range of "FASHION" finish that allow you to create the trendiest effects on your leather edge.


Special & Trends

Stay Updated with trend

Every season there some new colors dictating the trend of fashion. For this reason every year we update our Special and Trend selection with the Color of the Year released from PANTONE® and the Seasonal Trend Colors. Moreover we periodically sample classical colors such as Tiffany Blue, Orange Hermes, Red Valentino, ecc. giving always new opportunity to have trendy leather edge.

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