How to choose the right leather dye to use?

Before creating our Leather Dye products range, we had scouting throughout our customers by asking them what were the features that were missing on the leather dye market. We collected all the information, then we designed a leather dye products range called MAXCRAFT, divided in three different category:Dye, Topcoat and Aid. In these categories you will find the right product according to the goal you're looking to achieve. Below you'll find the description of all our categories.

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Giardini Leather Dye
Leather Dye Category

This is the main category of MAXCRAFT products range. Specifically designed to dye natural leather. The products are water-based dyes that will allow you to achieve a uniform color on the leather surface. Maintaining a soft and silky hand-touch, with a great response to polish, allowing to quickly get the desired sheen level with few steps. R&D is continuously working and will soon release new types of leather dye.

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Giardini Leather Topcoat
Leather Topcoat Category

The LEATHER TOPCOAT category includes all the products that can be used as final coat, to achieve a specific finish or feature on your leather. This category is composed by: LEATHER GLOSS FINISH, LEATHER FIXATIVE and LEATHER CONDITIONER. All the leather topcoats have been developed with maximum respect for environment and human health, complying all the EU regulation.

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Giardini Leather Aid
Leather Aid Category

The LEATHER AID category completes the MAXCRAFT products range with the last two paints: LEATHER WASH UP and LEATHER DYE THINNER. These products have to be used in combination with the leather dyes to create new effects, colors and shades on your leather surface.

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