Improving the quality of your leather edge is our priority.

Quality in our company has always been the main focus in all of our choices. To get the best result, you must start from the knowledge about the leather item, the edge paint application process, the final leather edge quality you want to achieve and the edge paint technology that is available. We have collected all this knowledge and we placed it in our Leather Edge Paint Academy, sharing it with everyone for free.

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Enrico and Giorgio represent the Giardini Group second generation. Enrico spends his days listening to the leather crafters needs and reporting to his brother. Giorgio works in the labs continuously finding new solutions to solve the leather crafters' needs and improving their leather edge quality.

Try our paints first, and then decide to purchase

When we created our first product we were certain of its superior quality. We had no doubt that it was the best leather edge paint ever created up to that moment. Our challenge then was to let all leather craftsman test our edge paint, we want everyone to try it before starting to use it. That's why we designed different trial solutions for our new customers. To let you try before deciding whether to buy or not.

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Marco Brattini is the Export manager at Giardini Group. He has been working with Giardini since the beginning of leather edge paint development, that's why he's one of the most trusted persons at Giardini Group. Marco takes care of orders management and the relationship with distributors and retailers.

You will never walk alone using our products

What we really enjoy doing is to be in touch with our customers, support them and assist them until they achieve the goal they are looking for. Buying our product does not only mean having the best product, but also a customized service designed to assist you in all steps of finishing. Any new contact is assigned to a personal edge paint advisor, who will listen to your needs, give you the best advice and will always be your point of reference in our company.

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Rachele Micucci is the Chief Personal Advisor, she is daily in contact with many of our customers and she is in charge of managing the advisor team. You'll be very lucky if you are assigned to her!

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